The Easiest Fool-Proof Cat-Eye Tutorial, Ever!!

Damn you cat-eye. I’ve attempted you hundreds of times and I can never get you right. Mastering the skills of the cat-eye look has been my Achilles heel for as long as I can remember. It takes a steady hand and a lot of patience–two things that I unfortunately do not have. womp womp.

Then I stumbled upon this genius video tutorial from¬†the hair pin¬†that literally teaches you the EASIEST way to get the perfect cat-eye every. single. time. I’m not messing with you. I tried it over the weekend and I actually had the perfect cat-eye for the FIRST TIME!!!!

The secret is scotch-tape, who knew! Although I wouldn’t recommend putting tape around your eyes everyday–I think it’s definitely something that you can do, if you’re like me and want to do it every once in a while.